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Energy Efficiency + Material Efficiency = Resource Efficiency

Enabler --- Circular Economy and Sustainability

Seifu Debebe Woldeamanuel

Mr. Seifu Debebe Woldeamanuel has 20 plus years’ of experience as managing humanitarian and development agencies for 4 African and 3 Asian countries. He has a strong track record of the ability to effectively lead and build a team, communicate a vision, make timely and transparent decisions, solve problems and manage conflict in multi-cultural environment.

Through his many years managerial experience, he had learned that leadership encompasses not only motivate staff and support team building, but also to manage systems by allowing all participants to play greater roles so that they can support and sustain themselves. He will bring his insight and practical managerial knowledge to support Nevada Green Institute’s mission by linking community’s knowledge and fostering participatory learning approach to build capacity for a sustainable future.

He has a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature and A Master of Art’s degree in

Development Studies, University of Leeds (UK).

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