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Energy Efficiency + Material Efficiency = Resource Efficiency

Unlocking the Circular Economy


What We Do

We are an organization dedicated to enhancing a broader understanding and application of sustainable practices.

  • We strive to provide integrated research by connecting sustainability principles and innovative ideas, technologies, and best practices as they apply to a specific region.
  •  We engage both the public and private sectors to initiate a dialogue around sustainability initiatives and related issues.
  • We champion businesses, educational institutions, governmental agencies, and individuals for their contributions to advance sustainable best practices.

About uS

Nevada Green Institute's vision is of a community with a shared value of building an efficient, smart, and vibrant community.

Our Mission

Nevada Green Institute (NGI) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote public awareness and discussion about innovative ideas, technologies, and best practices that support a sustainable future. It recognizes the individual as the key to a sustainable future. We believe that public awareness and understanding of sustainability concepts will help the public to perceive their actions and decision-making within the context of the interdependency that exists between the community's well-being, economy, and environment. It enhances the public understanding of the linkage between climate change and adopting sustainability best practices.

NGI's Goals

1.Establish collaboration with individuals and public-private organizations

2.Promote collective thinking to engage the public in envisioning a more sustainable future for the city and neighborhoods they live in

3.Create a knowledge-sharing platform

4.Develop tangible public outreach projects that can be measured and evaluated

Our approach

 To encourage Efficient Technologies and Sustainable Best Practices through knowledge exchange.

“The future is literally in our hands to mold as we like. But we cannot wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow is now.”

–Eleanor Roosevelt.

“Movement towards sustainability” is “changing patterns of consumption and production (that is—all the ways we live, work, and play at all levels of human activities- institutions, firms, households, and individuals- in a more ecologically sensitive, economically sound, and socially just manner.”

Local Government Efforts to promote the Three Es” Robert Paterson; Devashree Asha.

  • Support projects that build a sustainable community as a vibrant, safe, and attractive.
  • Promote “Business to Business Knowledge sharing” platform to spur efficient technologies.
  • Support women leadership to build sustainable communities.
  • Encourage sustainable development practices that engage the citizens to play a greater role in shaping their city future.

Planning for Sustainable Development: The Quest for Sustainable Economic Development Strategies

  • To Build Smarter & Efficient Communities
  • To encourage a prosperous economy that can persist over the long-term
  • To Create a Sense of Place
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